DEMIRIS TRANS SA is synonymous with reliable loading containers with marble products. Our company with its huge specialization, in combination with the appropriate mechanical equipment of the latest technology and the highly trained staff, provides the leading services and solutions for the loading with marble products, which cover all the special requirements of a company.

The loading process is designed and performed with full supervision and strict observance of safety rules. The peculiarity of the transport of marble is found both in its large volume and in the need for delicate handling in its transport and unloading, raising the difficulty index in each case for the whole process to be completed efficiently and safely for the employees.

Our experienced staff responsibly carries out the packaging and the final quality control of all volumes of marble, before being safely placed in the container with the final destination the delivery address. To better serve the marble industries of Northern Greece, we expanded our company to new modern facilities a short distance from the industrial area. Drama. We also have bridges in Thessaloniki and Drama, to issue the VGM (Verified Gross Mas). In this context, we use certified binding materials (disinfected wood, tying with straps or with ropes).



DEMIRIS TRANS SA, in addition to cargo transportation, provides additional container loading and evacuation services with efficiency and reliability.

At our facilities in Thessaloniki, depending on the needs of our customers, there is the possibility for immediate and safe evacuation or loading of containers of various goods (wood, rolls of paper, hoops, tiles, tiles, irons, marbles, aluminum, etc. ), with modern means of unloading (Clark) and highly trained staff that guarantee the safety of the process. Then the products are transported with our trucks. In case they can not get rid of the containers, the customers can ask us either to unpack or to fill their goods.



In our specially designed workshop, container damage is repaired such as roof/panel holes, torn floor, broken handles, painting, insulation, etc., using certified materials according to the ISO 9901 standard, which guarantees an excellent result of repairing the damage to the container. In addition, in the privately-owned washing machine that we have in our facilities, we undertake the cleaning of the container from odors and deposits with the use of water, special foam, and compressed air.



Our company has certified sockets for the power supply of the refrigerated containers to provide electricity with constant intensity and to ensure their operation according to the prescribed temperatures. In addition, the PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) control of the containers confirms the proper operation of the refrigeration unit, temperature control, and recording devices, with the result that the container is 100% ready to receive cargo with a reduced risk of damage to the products.



We store your containers and products of marble in our fenced facilities of 55,000 sq.m. with our main concern their highest possible security. First, the containers are checked for their suitability and then they are stored with all the necessary protection measures.

For this purpose, full surveillance is provided by state-of-the-art high-definition security cameras, connected to a certified Signal Reception Center on a 24-hour basis, as well as physical security of the facilities. For several years we have been cooperating with large shipping companies that entrust us with the storage of their containers at our place in Thessaloniki.

Also, our company has a temporary storage warehouse inside its facilities, near the Thessaloniki Port Authority (OLTH). The warehouse is used exclusively for marble volumes entering from Third Countries (Albania, Skopje, Serbia, etc.) without customs duties.

For all our services we have the necessary permits from the customs such as:

  • Temporary repositioning warehouse permit
  • Authorized recipient license
  • AEO (Customs facilities and simplifications)



Our company, to be able to serve its customers, proceeded to purchase bridge plastics both in Thessaloniki and in Drama. The company's certified bridges, which are verified every year, allow the valid and timely issuance of a Certificate of Mixed Mass - Verified Gross Mass (VGM), saving valuable time.

What is VGM?

The weighing of the containers (containers) by the loaders according to the specifications of the Mixed Mass Certificate (VGM) is mandatory from 1/7/2016 for all ferry means of transport that load containers. A container means a standard container, tank, flat shelves, and bulk containers. VGM consists of the weighing of the cargo, including the packaging, the protective materials, and the tare weight of the container. The scale used for weighing must be calibrated/certified according to local/national regulations.

Each consignor is responsible for delivering the VGM to the road hauler and the ferry carrier within a reasonable time before loading on board. The sender's responsibility for weighing the container must be clearly stated in the contract of carriage.

The data to be given to the carriers and the coasters consists of the VGM, as well as the certified signature of the sender, which can also be electronic (by country the additional supporting documents/data according to national legislation may differ).



In cooperation with specialized customs brokers, we undertake the processing of all customs formalities for import, export, and warehousing procedures. Our company holds an AEOC Certificate, offering customers significant benefits such as fewer formalities, fewer physical checks, faster processes, and reduced costs.

AEO Certification

Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) are specially certified by the customs authorities, which provide certain facilities and simplifications in the procedures, both during the import and export of goods.

AEO certification can be obtained by: Manufacturer/producer, exporter, transport agent, warehouse manager (customs warehousing or temporary warehousing), customs broker, transporter, importer.

The AEO certification categories are:

  • AEOC Certificate - Customs Simplifications: addressed to economic operators seeking to benefit from the simplifications provided for in customs legislation.
  • AEOS Certificate - Security and Protection: addressed to economic operators/undertakings seeking assistance in customs controls on protection and security, both at the entry and exit of goods from the Community
  • AEOF Certificate - Customs Simplifications / Security and Protection: a combination of the first two categories.

Advantages of AEO

  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • Less physical checks and document checks
  • Priority in control matters, if the goods are selected for control
  • Selection of the place of audits
  • Reduced data set for summary declarations (for AEOS & AEOF)
  • Notification before the arrival of the goods
  • Indirect benefits such as reduction of thefts and losses, reduction of delays in shipments of goods, improvement of planning, active participation of employees, reduction of the cost of supplier controls, reduction of problems through timely detection by employees, etc.
  • Strong competitive advantage for the Marketing of the business