Road transport of goods is the core of commercial transport in Greece and requires consistency and responsibility so that the delivery of cargo is completed on time and safely. The feeling of security regarding the protection of the goods, as well as the confidence for the completion of the shipment with speed, are two advantages that characterize our services from the first day of the establishment of the company.

DEMIRIS TRANS SA with many years of experience in the field of commercial transport and a high sense of responsibility undertakes container transport throughout the territory of Greece, always guided by immediate and excellent customer service. Fully understanding the high demands that exist, we offer modern transport services, which ensure the immediate delivery of your cargo on time and validly.

The company has a modern and renewed fleet of trucks equipped with satellite monitoring devices that ensure proper maintenance and safe transport of cargo. All vehicles meet the required specifications, while they are regularly inspected to ensure their functionality and excellent condition. 

Our experienced drivers make frequent itineraries and deliver the goods responsibly and safely, through a reliable network of overload cargo containers.

For every transport project we undertake, with the correct evaluation and planning of transport, we contribute significantly to the safety, consistency, speed, and quality assurance of our services.

Our company is contracted with the PPE driver, ensuring the necessary operating framework for the protection of employees. The purpose of Personal Protection Measures is to reduce workers' exposure to risks, in cases where such risks are impossible to address or limit to an acceptable level by technical means, administrative controls, or collective protection measures.

For the best implementation of the guide, the obligations we cover regarding PPE are as follows:

- Informing employees about the risks that threaten their health and the measures they must take to protect themselves. και για τα μέτρα που πρέπει να παίρνουν για την προστασίας τους.

-Provide employees with the appropriate PPE with instructions for proper and effective use. αποτελεσματική χρήση τους.

- Control of the appropriate and effective use of PPE by their employees. εργαζόμενους.

- Care for the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of PPE or disinfection or sterilization in cases where this is required for hygiene reasons.

- Care for the storage of PPE in special places or places with good conditions cleanliness and hygiene.

- Care for the immediate replacement of PPE in cases where the species of PPE or their advanced wear requires it.


Obligations of employees

-Use of PPE, whenever required to protect their safety and health.

-Reference to the heads of any observed anomaly or other cause that justifies the repair, cleaning, or replacement of PPE.


At the same time, our company is certified according to the ISO 39001: 2012 standard on Road Safety Management System, as well as all the necessary certifications for weighing loads on certified bridge debris.

Transportation of products with open and closed platforms


We carefully study the criteria by which, among the different types of vehicles, the most suitable one should be selected each time to meet the requirements for the transport of the respective cargo. The general types of freight vehicles are divided into sub-categories, each of which can serve the transport of particular loads depending on their type, volume, and weight.

In DEMIRIS TRANS SA, understanding the special needs of each customer, we provide the option of transporting cargo with open and closed platforms (body type "curtain") 110 cubic meters, for even greater security of your sensitive and valuable goods. With this feature, every business has the opportunity to fully meet any possible increased transfer requirements and feel confident that the process will be completed promptly and efficiently.

Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)


In the category of dangerous goods are classified goods, items, and materials from which may arise risks for the whole society, life, and health of human and animal health and public order and safety. At the same time, however, both industry and other human activities require the daily transport of such dangerous goods in large quantities, which makes it necessary to comply with the required measures and safety rules.

The European Code governing Safe Road Transport is the "ADR International Agreement on Dangerous Goods Road Transport" and its revisions.

The agreement is known by the international name ADR from the initials of the French words "Accord Dangereux Routier". Since 1999, the agreement also applied to national transport within Greece. For the revision of the agreement, every two years the developments in technology for the transport ort of dangerous goods (vehicles, equipment, hazardous materials, packaging, environmental protection and employees) and appropriate amendments are made.

For the correct and safe transport and storage of dangerous goods (IMO), DEMIRIS TRANS SA has secured and has special vehicles that have the appropriate, modern equipment and the necessary ADR licenses, as well as all the drivers of our company are holders of the ADR diploma. Within this framework, we provide the high level of security needed in each case of transport of dangerous goods, fully covering the increased requirements of each company.

Transport of overweight - oversized containers


One of the most difficult and interesting tasks in the world of transport is the overloaded and oversized loads. Their transportation is a separate process concerning the common cargo and is considered a service challenge to be completed correctly, on time, and safely.

A difficult task that in DEMIRIS TRANS SA we have managed to accomplish by ensuring the perfect transport of bulky loads with speed and efficiency. Having the necessary and specialized knowledge, we undertake safe and reliable transport of overweight and oversized cargo - container, providing the entire framework to support such a process, to meet any particular requirement.

Understanding the problems in the transport of overloaded loads, we provide modern solutions, while guaranteeing the safe delivery of products in excellent condition and without delays. Our many years of experience ensure maximum security in every task you assign us. Each transfer is pre-planned and examined in detail before being performed for a reliable and trustworthy result.

Transportation of recyclable non-hazardous waste


Transportation of recyclable non-hazardous waste belongs to a separate category of transport, which is characterized by special requirements and specifications. In DEMIRIS TRANS SA We are a company registered in the Digital Waste Register (DWR) and we have a special license for the management of recyclable non-hazardous waste (paper, plastic, PET, glass, wood, etc.), offering immediate transportation solutions for industrial or other activities.

Our company meets all the criteria for the correct, safe transport of recyclable non-hazardous waste, with suitable vehicles and experienced staff.

The licensing for the transport of recyclable waste is valid for all of Greece.

What is DWR? ΗΜΑ

DWR is essentially an online database, in which the electronic registration of the waste produced by a company or organization is done. Specifically, this register records data on waste, such as quantity, how it is managed, and its type. The purpose of this process is to capture the total, amount of waste produced in our country as well as their distribution, so that their control is achieved by the competent bodies.

Transportation of bulk products


This special category of cargo includes a range of raw and semi-finished materials that are transported in whole or in part in bulk, such as scrap. Initially, the use of a container was intended to transport limited dimensions of general cargo. However, with its spread new types appeared to serve more and more specialized loads.

Among the types of specialized containers used, there are some for the transport of bulk cargo, for which, consequently, "tank containers" are used, while for the transport of dry cargo, "bulk containers" have been developed.

Our company has a complete fleet for the efficient management of bulk cargo with loader and lifting machines for loading in containers or light vehicles, meeting the requirements of our customers in the best possible way. As part of our services, we provide the pickup of the material from a boat in our facilities, storage and loading in a container with weighing capability.

This category includes items such as:

  • Agricultural products
  • Recyclable materials
  • Aggregates
  • Materials
  • Tubes

Container transport with trailers-trolleys with tipping


Our company was the first in Greece to invest and develop its services in container transport that require unloading by overturning. For the transport of dump trucks, our company has trailers-dump trucks, which are of high technology and are included in the special trucks of heavy transport.

There is a wide range of types of heavy transport vehicles. Each of them has its analogous specifications to be used for specific loads, thus covering each specificity. Dump trailers, which are necessary for heavy transport services, are a special case in this category.

These vehicles are not given as a whole but are made up of pieces, which are joined together so that the vehicle becomes as large as it needs to be to carry the load it needs. Such vehicles are tippers, in which the cargo platform can be lifted at an angle.

In DEMIRIS TRANS SA we ensure the perfect, efficient, and reliable transport of heavy loads. Our trained drivers with their vast experience are a guarantee for the perfect and fast completion of heavy transport with tipper trailers.